Dinar Shops

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2013 January

Report of the Dinar and Dirham in Norwich

The Dinar and Dirham has reached the city of Norwich because the people here want it and understand its significance. We have had various different markets for many years organised by the 'Open Trade Network', and supported by the community effort that is needed for these projects: all the people working on the market and the individual traders themselves. This has introduced the people of this city to the issues of trading, free markets and intrinsic currency wealth.

Recently we have had more local traders and businesses of all kinds accepting the coins. This includes an acupuncture specialist, a café, designers and traders who set up stalls after the Jumu'a outside the mosque.


This is marketed for everyone to see with a 'World Islamic Mint' poster on the wall of the business premises and on related local websites that helps people find out where they can use their coins, and provides information about the significance of this scheme as a non-usurious alternative.

We try to stimulate the growth of the economic practices of Islam and this approach answers the questions about how to be in society and how to treat these social problems as a whole, which will hopefully continue to benefit the people here in Norwich and grow beyond its borders.


An example is of Muhammad who has moved here from Egypt to set up his own Barber business called Black and White Barbers. It has been running for over two years. Right at the start of him having his own business he started to accept the Dirham as payment for haircuts, and we have been helping and working with him ever since. He feels that this is the best business ethos to have to aim to put Islamic financial transactions into practice. This example helps the local Muslims see the types of change that we are witnessing in a practical manner and understand that it is the economic cure.