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2012 December

Europe: Dinar and Dirham in Almonaster La Real

Almonaster La Real is a small municipality of Huelva's province, in the south of Spain. Situated between the Sierra of Aracena and the mountains of the Andevalo, twenty kilometers from the town of Aracena and hundred from Portugal, it is a beautiful enclave.

The village is located amongst mountains of Mediterranean forest and is crowned by a mosque, built during the Caliphate of Cordoba, in the IX century, and that is part of the bigger complex of a fortress.


In this historic location, every year at the beginning of August, takes place a weekend of Islamic Days, organized by the local townhouse and with the participation of the Islamic Community in Spain, which every year is represented and dealt with by a group of Muslims from Seville. This year they took place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October. During this weekend a market is also organized as well as a symposium about some topic relevant to Islam in Spain.

The activities of the Islamic Community this year were focus in the introduction of the halal currency –the gold dinar and the silver dirham- in the market and around raising awareness, in the assistant public as well as the traders, that a different economy, based on money with intrinsic value, is possible. With this goal, a program was introduced so that during the market those who wanted could buy and sell utilizing silver dirhams. This novelty with respect to other years was very well received amongst all the participants and raised a great deal of interest.


Other activities central to the weekend were the prayer in jama', which were made daily, and the night of dhikra that was celebrated Saturday night and that was open to the public, at the end of which they were invited to share a delicious cuscus.

This event continues to be a success in terms of da'wa and in implementing the use of the gold dinar and the silver dirham, ant it was culminated by the shahada of a young lady from Granada –Layla- that took place during the night of dhikra.