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2012 June

New Kelantan Dinar & Dirham Series 1433H

The World Islamic Mint is pleased to announce the introduction of the new 1433H series of coins for the Dinar & Dirham issued by the Kelantan State Government. This series is a continuation of the successful implementation of the sharia currency from earlier coins. launched from August 2010.

The new 2 Dinars, featuring a security hologram imprint, are the best ever minted coins for circulation in the history of gold coinage. The improved design quality, also showcased on the new 2 dirhams, was achieved using state-of-the-art minting technology of the Kazakhstan Mint.

Produced by Kelantan Golden Trade Sdn. Bhd. as a WIM licensed Mint, the coins are initially available in exclusive limited quantities. Full denominational availability is planned for gradual release following this offer. For additional details on the coins, please refer to the specification sheet.

The new 1433H series of coins in this issue follow the current WIM Standard of 2010 (now updated to Revision A with this series included). They share the same compliance criteria including reference rates of previous series. All existing series in this issue remain in circulation. More information on WIM Standards are available in the WIM Policy Paper.

This new Kelantan Dinar & Dirham series heralds a new era in the agenda of realising Muamalat for the Ummah, as an evolutionary development in the re-establishment of Dinar dirham as the basis of an international monetary system. May Allah give the Muslims an opening towards "One Ummah; One Currency", in pursuit of the way of Muhammad SAW. Amin.