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2013 July

Sultan Orders Zakat to be paid in Gold and Silver coins

10 June 2013 - Sultan Sepuh XIV of the Kasepuhan Cirebon Sultanate, Indonesia, has ordered that Zakat must be payed in Dinar and Dirham.

Zakat, the fallen pillar of Islam, is now being reinforced by Nusantara's Sultan. Sultan Sepuh XIV PRA Arief Natadiningrat has ordered the taking and distribution of Zakat once again using gold Dinar and silver Dirham coins.

Sultan CirebonFor more than 100 years Zakat, especially Zakat on financial wealth and trade, has not been observed correctly, since Muslims have paid it using paper money. According to the Sunnah the payment of Zakat must be in 'ayn – tangible wealth – and therefore with gold Dinar and silver Dirham coins.

The Dinar and Dirham coins have been minted and distributed again for some years now, and since last year the Sultans of Nusantara have been minting their Dinar and Dirham coins as one of their duties following the Commands of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam. Sultan Sepuh XIV PRA Arief Natadiningrat of the Kasepuhan Sultanate of Cirebon and Sultan Mudaffar Sjah II of Ternate Sultanate are two of the leaders in the Ummah who have undertaken this obligation.

Sultan Cirebon OrderWith the commemoration of Isra Mi'raj 1434 H, on Friday 27 Rajab 1434 H / 6 June 2013, at his palace, Sultan Sepuh XIV PRA Arief Natadiningrat in his steps toward implementing correct Zakat issued the Sultan Sepuh XIV Order of taking and distributing Zakat using Dinar and Dirham coins. "Zakat must be taken and distributed by the Khalifs, Sultans and Amirs or those appointed by them, and Zakat must be in the form of nuqud: Dinar and Dirham," stated the Sultan Sepuh XIV Order.

Sultan Cirebon EventThe Isra wa Mi'raj of Rasulallah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam, is one of the greatest miracles in Islam and for the Muslims. Salat – another pillar of Islam – is commanded directly by Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, to Rasulallah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam, and his Ummah. Another pillar of Islam that is always mentioned together with Salat is Zakat. Zakat is mentioned along with Salat twenty nine times in the Qur'an.

On this historic day for the Muslims, Sultan Sepuh XIV also established the Sultan Sepuh Baitul Mal to implement the correct use of Dinars and Dirhams according to the Fiqh, and in fulfilment of the advice of the founder of the Cirebon Sultanate, Sunan Gunung Jati: "Ingsun titip tajug lan faqir miskin" – "Please take care of the mushala and the poor and those in need." Sultan Sepuh XIV also appointed Zaim Saidi and Abdarrahman Rachadi as the officers of his Baitul Mal.