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2013 March

Dinar and Dirham Project: TTDI Market

Interview with the Emir of the project, Sidi Abdallah Seymour

-  Please, tell us a bit about TTDI Market: Where is it? What is special about it?

Tamun Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) market is a wet market located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is one of the few markets which remain, which is open daily selling a wide range of both dry goods and fresh and local food products. Almost all of one's weekly shop could be made just at this market. There are around 100 traders.

Dinihari Dinar TTDI Market-  Why did you choose TTDI Market for the Dinar and Dirham program?

Because of the wide range of goods sold there, it was the perfect place to turn into the 'Dinar Market' of KL. Every mission has to begin somewhere, and for us this market made perfect sense.

-  What is your program, what do you exactly do?

We work on many levels. We speak to the traders and help them to understand the dinar and dirham revolution, what it is, what it is about, why we're doing this etc. We ask them to accept the coins as payment, promote them in their shops with stickers, and add them to the excellent directory on We promote the use of the coins with the shoppers, and try to get the coins to circulate. We have an in-house wakala so that traders and the public can buy and sell their coins right there in the market itself. We're now targeting the wholesalers so that the traders can use the coins to buy their supplies.

Dinihari Dinar TTDI Market-  When the program started?

We started the work there around 6 months ago, although many of us have been shopping at the market for many years.

-  What do you expect to achieve?

We wish to make it the benchmark market for the whole world to see, the 'Dinar market' if you will. There are some limitations to the market in terms of its locality and expansion, but it can serve us as a good learning project.

-  How is it working?

We've made great progress. We have more than 30 shops that accept the coins, one can buy most of your shopping using halal money. We have an in-house wakala so buying and selling coins is very simple. It is still work in progress but it is probably the best model in the world as a 'riba free market'.