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What is E-dinar?

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e-dinar is the name of an internet based electronic payment and exchange system that facilitates online transactions 100% backed by physical gold and silver.

The physical gold and silver bullion backing e-dinar and e-dirham units are always equivalent or larger than all electronic e-dinar and e-dirham in circulation. The physical gold and silver bullion is held securely in internationally renowned bullion repositories.

Account holders always have the option to exchange their gold and silver into any major national currency or redeem them and take physical possession of an equivalent amount of gold dinar and silver dirham.



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Halal exchange and payment system

100% physical gold and silver backing of all e-dinar/e-dirham in circulation

Universal currency - no inflation or exchange losses

Free account creation in real-time

Spend fee is 1% of transaction amount but max. 0.015 e-dinar (for e-dinar transactions) / max. 0.5 e-dirham (for e-dirham transactions)

Instant payments (no delays) - occur in real-time - are private (encrypted transactions) - no bank as intermediary

Although there are many benefits of using e-dinar, perhaps the most important benefit is that you can be rest assured your assets and transactions are as solid and secure as gold

e-dinar provides instant settlement. This means that in the split second it takes to complete a transaction, cleared funds are transferred from the payers account into the payees account

Because e-dinar transactions are instantaneous and can only take place with cleared funds (there is no credit anywhere in the system), the payee can make immediate use of these funds

e-dinar is the most flexible and secure way to make and receive payments for goods or services over the internet

e-dinar transactions are executed directly between the two parties involved without requiring third-party intermediaries

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